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24 Hour Funding on Approved Invoices

Pay Bills, Fund Growth and Increase Profits!

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Cash Without Debt

No Long Term Contracts

Strong Financials Not Required

You Control How Funds Are Used

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Learn more about these Factoring Benefits! 

Get Paid On Invoices Now!

  1. Discover how factoring can turn invoices into cash ... FAST!

  2. Up to 95% Advance Rates

  3. Factoring Fees as Low as 1.5%

  4. Working Capital Without Debt

  5. No Long Term Contrancts

  6. Strong Financials Not Required

  7. 24 Hour Funding on Approved Invoices

  8. You Control How Funds Are Used

  9. Pay Bills, Fund Growth & Increase Profits!

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Why wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for your customers to pay you?  We can help turn invoices into cash with accounts receivable factoring!

Selling business invoices can provide the cash flow relief to pay bills, make payroll, fund growth, and increase profits!

It’s easy to get started! Just select from one of these convenient options:

Option #1 – Print the Application and Fax

Click Here to Download the Factoring Application in PDF format and fax to (605) 723-1646 or email to office@nbsfactoring.com

Option #2 – Call Our Office

We invite you to contact us at (605) 645-0640 to discuss the application or get answers to any questions you might have.


Option #3 – Online Factoring Application

Click Here to Complete the Online Factoring Application. Your information will be sent electronically to our email inbox and handled with the utmost confidence

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!