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We realize considering accounts receivable funding may be one of the most important financial decisions your business makes.

We also realize the entire invoice factoring process may seem confusing and we want you to know we are here to help.


Welcome to NBS Factoring, LLC! We are committed to providing you the best                                                                                                     Possible service and handling                                                                                         every factoring transaction as                                                                                         if it were our own.

                                                                                       You have choices when selling                                                                                         your invoices – and we want                                                                                         you to be 100% confident in                                                                                         trusting us to assist you  every                                                                                         step of the way.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal! We are pleased to provide you:

  • Quick Response Times

  • Competitive Factoring Rates

  • Strong Financial Backing

  • Value Added Funding – Nationwide

  • Customized Programs For Your Needs

  • Fair Business Dealings

  • Confidentiality

Finally, you are in no way obligated to sell your invoices or receivables. Contact us today for a free factoring analysis. We are here to help!

NBS Factoring, LLC is a factoring company located in Belle Fourche, SD. We work with national companies to buy receivables here in South Dakota and nationwide.

NBS Factoring, LLC
No BS Factoring That Keeps You Moving

NBS Factoring, LLC

Get Paid on Invoices NOW!

Low Factoring Fee

24 Hour Funding on Approved Invoices

Pay Bills, Fund Growth and Increase Profits!

A Company that Works with You

Benefits of Factoring

Cash Without Debt

No Long Term Contracts

Strong Financials Not Required

You Control How Funds Are Used

Pick & Choose the Invoices to Factor

Learn more about these Factoring Benefits! 

Get Paid On Invoices Now!

Discover how factoring can turn invoices into cash ... FAST!

Up to 95% Advance Rates

Factoring Fees as Low as 1.5%

Working Capital Without Debt

No Long Term Contrancts

Strong Financials Not Required

24 Hour Funding on Approved Invoices

You Control How Funds Are Used

Pay Bills, Fund Growth & Increase Profits!

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